Sannino’s Bella Vita Vineyard

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Sannino’s Bella Vita Vineyard

You will always find Anthony & Lisa Sannino around the vineyard or at their beautiful Sannino Bella Vita B&B. Their winery is beautiful, and their wines our out of this world.

I went to the Sannino Bella Vita winery this weekend and sampled the wines with Lisa (the hostess with the mostess) while Anthony was working in the vineyards. They offer a cheese and chocolate plate to pair the wines with- a unique experience.

Not only are the Sannino’s great people, but I can honestly say that they make damn good wines, in fact I have a few favorites that I now serve to my guests.

I was just sharing a bottle of their Chilly Day Chardonnay with my guests this weekend, and they loved it (I actually bought a case of it- yes it’s that good). It’s perfect for a sunny day on the back deck (where I was giving a tasting with tapas).

Don’t tell my husband, Louie, but I actually picked up a total of 3 cases with a mix of their other wines, including Bianca, Bianca Dolce, Cabernet Franc, Spotlight Petite Verdot, Prima Rosa,  and one of my new favorite reds Francesco (named after Anthony’s father). Francesco is super, terrific, outstanding, and delicious!!! (it is also in limited production, so I picked up half a case).

Funny side story, I would buy lots of shoes and hide them from Louie in my closet behind the clothes, now fast forward 15 years, I sneaked in 3 cases of wine and hid them in the closet from him. Just like the shoes, I will bring the wines out one at a time, and surprise him with a sampling. He will say the same thing, “wow honey, where did you get that wine”, and similar to the shoes, I’m going to say, “oh it’s something that we picked up before, don’t you remember?” (shh….don’t tell him where I hid the wine).

Please visit:

Sannino’s Bella Vita Vineyard

1375 Peconic Ln
Peconic, NY

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