Benedict: a large spacious king sized bed with mahogany furniture, adds beauty and luxury to you stay in the north fork. 




Spacious en suite bathroom with rainfall shower

Benedict-Pronunciation: (ben’i-dikt)
a newly married man, esp. one who has been long a bachelor.

Eggs Ben•e•dict

a dish consisting of toast or toasted halves of English muffin covered with a thin slice of fried or broiled ham, poached eggs, and a topping of hollandaise sauce.


Over Easy

Over Easy: relax and unwind in a bright and airy room. Soak in a pedestal tub and feel your stress disappear. 


take it easy


enjoy the a soak in the pedestal tub

O•ver Eas•y

  1. (of a fried egg) turned over when the white is nearly done and fried lightly on the other side, so that the yolk remains slightly liquid.


Florentine: sweet sleep awaits on a plush queen size bed. Enjoy your own en suite bathroom with fluffy white towels. Wake up to a delicious breakfast and enjoy the best the north fork has to offer.


En suite shower


Florentine Room

Eggs Flor•e•tine

-served or prepared with spinach:

1. a native or inhabitant of Florence, Italy.
2. (often l.c.) a cookie made with orange peel and almonds and coated with chocolate.

Why did we choose the name??? (It seemed like a good fit)